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Thorpe Thorpe Thorpe!

I've been liking all the Thorpes that have been cropping up lately. Also, I'm finding that my calorimetry and panta aren't quite enough to keep my ears warm when it's really windy out (and they don't match my clapotis).

So I decided to make a Thorpe out of the same yarn as the clapotis that functions as my huge winter scarf.

Of course there was an annoying knot in the skein, so the dark green/brown/bright blue transition repeats itself around the garter portion, but I don't mind too much.

The silk garden is close to worsted, so I used size 8 needles and got a gauge of 4st/inch. I have a large head to I increased until I had 88 stitches total. I then followed the instructions for the large size, while adjusting all the other numbers (stitches bound off, width of earflaps, number of garter ridges before decreasing) by about 10%.

I am by no means a crocheter, but I found this video very helpful, even though my cat recently broke my computer speakers and I couldn't hear the sound.

It stretched a bit too much when I blocked it, so I ran it through the washer and dryer and now it's back to 4 st/inch and a perfect size. Don't be afraid to wash silk garden! It has too much silk content to felt much, and it's SO SOFT after.

From the back:
Thorpe from the back

Detail of my newfound crochet skills:
Thorpe detail

I really don't look this annoying in person:
Thorpe from the front
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